Photography for those with fierce hearts and a story to tell.

About Mia

With every experience, comes a memory. As time passes, those memories fade. There is no better way to savor time, than by freezing it permanently with a photograph. I specialize in high school senior pictures, maternity photography and videography, serving Littleton and surrounding areas of Denver. I have a love for all things raw, colorful and beautiful. There is never a shortage of adventure with me. When I am not glued to my camera, I fill up my free time with stargazing, meditation or wine drinking. I have an avid love for tattoos, studded vests, and old muscle cars. I like to spend my evenings cuddled up on the couch with my boyfriend, and I’m most likely watching Harry Potter or playing Skyrim. I was born in San Diego, CA, but grew up in the Denver metro area. The rich and vibrant lifestyle of Denver set the precedent for my style. 

Do You Have A Fierce Heart?

Most people turn to art when things in their life have gotten dark. For me, taking pictures was always the "drug" that I turned to when life took a turn. Growing up in the foster system in the Denver Metro area, I needed a distraction and photography became that distraction. I used my camera as a way to create the kind of world that I craved and desired; full of light, beauty and vibrance. The hobby of photography that I so desperately clung to as a child, turned into a passion and then a business in my adult years. After a few years of finding my style and my niche, I finally found out that the people I am drawn to the most are the ones like me; fierce, creative, unapologetic fighters who would do anything to show others the beauty that they see in the world.


My Personal Life

Since I was a small child, I grew up in the foster system. I was placed in my first home when I was 18 months old, and then aged out of the system after graduating high school. Because of being in the system, there is only one photo of me as a child, and I treasure that photo more than anything.
I got my first job at a car dealership at 18 years old, and continued in the automotive industry for the next 6 years. I started taking photography seriously as a potential business when I was 20 years old, and ran it alongside my full time job. I shot everything from weddings, to nature, boudoir, etc, before realizing my true calling of specializing in senior pictures and maternity portraits in Littleton, CO.




Awards & Recognition